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Bureau of Community Risk Reduction

Senior Citizen Education

Tess Didonato, Community Health & Wellness Coordinator

The BCRR works closely with the Senior Center and Council on Aging to address issues and concerns with our seniors. Educational programs such as medication safety, fall prevention and home fire safety just to name a few are offered several times per year. We also offer blood pressure clinics and install working smoke detectors if requested. The goal of the BCRR is to be available to our seniors to address questions and concerns they may have and to provide quality educational programs and information to reduce their risk of injury.

File of Life Program

The File of Life program was started in the early 1990's to assist the first responder's with easy access to pertinent medical information such as what medications you take, medication allergies, your name, date of birth and what medical conditions you have. All of this information assists with treating you and it also helps by spending less time on scene looking for vital information.

File of Life Information Sheet (PDF)